Our Mission

The Corona crisis surprised many of us in their drama.

In many of us, however, it also aroused the desire to bring itself in and to support it with knowledge, ideas, skill, production-knowledge and time. We keep hearing and reading about the lack of everything in the medical field. Staff shortages on the one hand, but also equipment and protective equipment on the other. Unfortunately, structural problems can hardly be solved quickly. But does support really have to fail because of too few or too expensive devices that many countries can hardly afford in their hospitals?

Sensors, motors and computer hardware are becoming cheaper than before. More and more possibilities open up. Many of us can handle it. From sewing machines to 3D printers a lot can be used. The past few days have shown that there are many good ideas and approaches for “OpenSoure Hardware” in the medical field worldwide. With this platform we want to invite everyone to participate. Not every device will be developed quickly, not every mask can be mass-produced. Some things will lead to a dead end. But still, every new idea will take us forward step by step. Only a world in which nobody dares to help has lost.

Let's get started!

Jens Liebau
Jens Liebau
Senior IT Engineer