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Recommendations for the treatment of respiratory complications in case of a virus- pandemic

There are official treatment recommendations from German “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pneumologie”

Recommendations for the treatment of respiratory complications in case of a virus- pandemic

In case of a viral pandemic without availability of effective vaccination, one can expect to be faced with additional 250 to 300 new admissions per hospital per week given the worst case scenario. Major complications are expected to occur in the respiratory system with the focus on viral pneumonia often complicated by bacterial superinfection. Frequently these patients will require artificial ventilation. The present infrastructure will not be capable of dealing sufficiently with such high numbers of casualties.

These recommendations of the German Society for Pneumonology are based on the successful application of non-invasive ventilation for acute respiratory failure in recent years. It is of importance to achieve effective treatment by the use of relative simple means. The recommendation proposes to use a separate building in order to realize quarantine. In terms of diagnostic tools, a simple x-ray apparatus should be available. To monitor patients pulsoxymetry and ECG devices should be sufficient in most cases.

For the treatment of acute respiratory insufficiency a sufficient number of ventilators, masks, tubing systems and filters should be kept in stock. In terms of medical treatment antibiotics to treat superinfections are of major importance. Analgesics, sedatives and intravenous fluids will also be needed. Oxygen should be available for every single patient.

The recommendation gives detailed advise for the enforcement of hygiene control, diagnostic as well as therapeutic steps for in hospital treatment of high numbers of casualties of a viral pandemic.

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