Ventilation - Emergency mask for hospital ventilators

There is a “ready to be printed” adapter to use a snorkelling mask as an oxygen mask. Hospitals can apply for printed parts! Makers are asked to help printing more parts! For more information please visit:

Ventilation requirements - FACTS for Makers

There is finaly some secification what a emergency ventilation system MUST fulfill This is what makers MUST pay attention to.

Treatment - Recommendations from German GDP

There are official treatment recommendations from German “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pneumologie”  Recommendations for the treatment of respiratory complications in case of a virus- pandemic In case of a viral pandemic without availability of effective vaccination, one can expect to be faced with additional 250 to 300 new admissions per hospital per week given the worst case scenario. Major complications are expected to occur in the respiratory system with the focus on viral pneumonia often complicated by bacterial superinfection.